wool importer delhi, India wool importer delhi, India
Importer and Trader of Wool
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wool importer delhi, India
We are an international recognized name in the wool industry, catering all your requirement for all kinds of wools. We are one of the largest Importers and Stockiest of Wool and wool products to all the major destinations across the globe.

Greasy wool in its natural state, after removal from the sheep and before any commercial processing; contains yolk, suint, moisture, extraneous soil and vegetable matter.

Greasy wools are generally processed from sheep raw wools. The Carpet Grade Greasy Wool offered by us is shorn from the sheep once or twice a year depending on the climate. These greasy wools are then sorted and grades into different ranges such as Fleece, Pieces and Bellies. These are very soft and warm in nature.

wool importer delhi, India
We offer superior quality and unique variety of Greasy Wool from all European countries like Italy, France, spain, Belgium, Australia, etc.

We have warehouse in the biggest wool markets of India Bikaner, beawar, panipat, Bhadhoi and Ludhiana.

Our wool is of finest quality and serving the entire carpet industry across the world.
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